March 2011

Cool animation produced for The Media Center

This is an on-line animation I produced for our company, The Media Center. Be sure to check out our website!

Welcome to the new JoeJustice.Org

For awhile now I've just used this site for my e-mail address and sharing LightNet and a handful of other LightWave things. Facebook has pretty much filled in the gap of sharing pics and such with friends and family. I've had that classic problem of being too busy with other people's media to work on my own; you know the old saying, everyone has new shoes but the shoemaker's kids.

Family & Friends

Here's a place for me to share pics and links for my family and friends. Will be adding stuff in here later.

LightNet: Classic

The classic LightNet is an advanced LightWave ScreamerNet replacement developed by Schoenmaekers Raf ( then released as open source and updated to work with LightWave3D [6] through [10] by me, Joe Justice.  I continued development in new features and improvements for several years.

How-To use LightNet: Watcher

LightNet: Watcher is a separate application used for sending commands to the server, managing the server and viewing it's state. It is configured on the Watcher tab in LightNet: Cloud.


No known bugs at this time.

Tips and tricks


How does LightNet: Watcher operate?


How does LightNet: Cloud operate?



Frequently asked questions.