The Eternal Mermaid’s Kiss

I wrote this story back in 2007 and it's one I really like. It is a horror story, not really guts and gore, but not for the squeamish. It's roughly 8,000 words, so I've split it up into smaller parts to make it more readable. If you enjoyed reading it, let me know!

The Eternal Mermaid’s Kiss

By Joe Justice

A loud snap suddenly shattered the silence. Michael jumped back and looked down, realizing he had stepped on a twig. His gaze quickly shot back up to the nude woman he had been watching sunbathing on a boulder at the edge of the pond. Blood rushed to his thin cheeks as her eyes opened and he realized he had been caught.

He was less than fifteen feet away from her, standing plainly in the open. It was inevitable that he would get caught. Nevertheless he couldn’t help staring at the beautiful vision before him; like a moth to a flame.

“Hello,” she said sweetly and rolled over onto her belly. Her ample breast spilled across the rock and her hair twirled around her in a way that seemed as if it had life itself. It was full and long with a deep, dark hue that appeared to have a blue shimmer as the light danced across it.

“Uh . . .” Michael began, “I . . . I’m sorry ma’am I didn’t mean to stare or . . . I mean, I wasn’t staring or nothin. I was just lookin around. I mean, not at you, at the land. I mean, this is my land. I mean, I own it. I mean . . .”

The girl let out a lighthearted, bubbly giggle. She moved her hand over her mouth to cover her smile. “I like you a lot! Silly boy.”

Michael stumbled and huffed a little trying to form some words but was unable. His gaze stayed focused on her naked body. Since she was facing him, only her top half was showing, leaving her legs dangling off the back of the bolder. This didn’t upset him too much however, since the top half was his favorite to look at anyhow.

The girl cocked her head to the side and furrowed her eyebrows a little. “Well? What’s your name, silly?”

“Uh, it’s Michael . . . Uh Clark. Michael Clark. My dad owned this land, but he passed away about a week ago and . . .”

“Nice to meet you Michael Clark,” she perked up and raised her chest off the rock. “My name is Shara’ena Shey.” Her hand jutted out to shake his, even though he was still fifteen feet away.

Michael stood there frozen, his only movements being his clunky attempts at speech and a slight quivering. When she had spoken her name she had almost sung it. Michael attempted to mimic the words, or song as it were, with very little success.

The girl giggles again, retracted her arm and laid back on the rock. “You can call me Shara, Michael, if it would be easier.” She cocked her head to the left, smiled and closed her eyes.

A cool breeze flowed down through the hollow and rustled the leaves, causing the only movement for a long moment as Michael stood and stared at the beautiful woman before him. He wasn’t sure what it was about her that captivated him, but he couldn’t help but gaze in awe. Her skin was smooth and milky, with an almost alabaster color. And her lips were a vivid and deep crimson that gleamed violet in the sunlight. But her eyes, even at his distance, showed with depth indicative of an age far greater than the smoothness of her skin suggested. Just by staring at her, he felt he was being lied to.

“You can come closer.” She frowned slightly at his hesitance. “Are you afraid I’ll bite?” She giggled.

Michael took a few timid steps forward, still unsure of the situation. There he was, staring at an entrancingly beautiful woman - and she was very much a woman - who was fully in the nude and didn’t seem the slightest bit upset at the situation. This isn’t the kind of position he found himself in often - or ever for that matter. “Uh . . . Okay, nice to meetcha, Shara.” His lips curled into a forced smile as he tried to relax.

“And very nice to meet you, Michael. I don’t get very many visitors here, and I very much enjoy company,” Shara said happily.

“Oh? Are you here often?” Michael’s feet carried him a few more steps forward without him making such a labored effort. His shoulders slumped a little and muscles become a bit less tense.

“Most of the times these days. It’s been really quiet for a long time.”

“Yeah, no one comes up here anymore. When I was little, me and my friends would always come to the ‘Swimming Hole’ here and play. But, Lord, that’s been a long ways back.”

“Oh, I remember you. I use to watch you play but none of you ever came alone. I never meet with groups of people.”

“Wait, now how’s that? I knew every kid around this area, and I know I didn’t know no one like you. Plus you can’t be any older than eighteen, when you were a kid I was probably in high school.”

“Oh, I’m older than that, silly.” She giggled absentmindedly. “Do you think I’m so young because I’m so beautiful?”

“Oh . . . uh . . .” Michael stumbled at the forwardness of the question. “Well, uh yeah, I guess I do. I mean, you’re a pretty little thing, if you don’t mind me sayin’.”

Shara perked up suddenly and lifted her chest off the boulder. A broad and proud smile spread across her face. “You’re so sweet, you silly thing! Do you want to go swimming with me?”

“Wait, I’m still tryin’ to figure out who you are. I mean, if you were . . .” Michael began. But before he could complete his thought, Shara threw herself off the boulder and flew back several feet in an elegant gesture. Michael thought he saw a green sparkle of light dance off the lower part of her body just before the water swallowed her. He stepped back to avoid getting splashed.

The same cool breeze that filled in the long, awkward moment before was still blowing. Leaves on trees rattled and swayed back and forth as leaves on the ground crackled and danced across the forest floor. Michael stood and stared at the water and the ripple that radiated from where Shara had fallen. He stared until the ripples faded away to small waves pushed along by the gentle, little breeze.

“Sh . . . Shara?” he stammered out, then paused for a response. “Shara?!” His voice suddenly took on a worried tone. He ran to the water’s edge. “Shara?!” A vein became visible in his neck and his face flushed red as he strained his voice suddenly.

The breeze had stopped and the water and leaves were now standing perfectly still. The whole world was still in a brief moment between uneasiness and panic. And as Michael felt his legs begin to run into the pool, the water suddenly exploded. Fully out of the water by several feet, Shara flew. It was a magical and sensational vision of beauty, mystery and awe only dreamed of by man.

Time seemed to slow as Michael felt his body falling back at the sudden shock. He tilted his head up to take in the vision. Water sprinkled around her and danced across her skin catching the sunlight and forming a rainbow aura. Her back was arched and her head looked straight up with her eyes closed and her hair falling gracefully down her back. Her arms were slightly away from her sides with the hands a few feet from her body and fingers spread wide. But rather than her hips dividing into two legs, they blended to a long, singular limb a few feet longer than the distance from her head to her navel and tapering from the thickness of her hips to the width of her neck. The tail was covered in shimmering scales that seemed to have a base emerald green but changed color with the angle and intensity of the sunlight that danced across them. At the end of her tail was a wide, fish-like fin.

With another splash, Shara fell back into the water.

“What on earth?!” Michael yelled just before he fell back and slammed into the ground. He tumbled across the rocky bank of the Swimming Hole and scrambled his arm and legs trying to get back to his feet. After a moment of flailing mindlessly he was able to get his feet under him and crouch, ready to spring in any direction he needed. His gaze locked on the creature whose torso was now the only thing protruding from the water.

“What?” Shara’s head cocked to the right and she sunk a little into the water.

“What?! What?!” Michael shouted. “What are you?!” His body remained tense, but he was too afraid to attempt a get away.

Shara’s eyebrows furrowed and the corners of her mouth dropped. For a long moment she stared at Michael, trying to figure out if he was being serious. “I’m a mermaid, silly,” she finally said. “What did you think I was?”

Michael stood slowly and cautiously to his feet, feeling he wasn’t in any immediate danger. He remained tense and put all his weight on his back foot to be ready for a quick escape. “What? I mean . . . I thought you was a woman! There’s no such thing as . . .”

Shara suddenly sprang up from the water so that her entire torso and the top part of her tail were showing. Crossing her arms, puffing out her lower lip and closing her eyes she turned her head away from Michael and stuck her nose up in the air. “I do not look like a woman,” she said. Every word was very deliberate, with a short pause between each. Then she turned back to Michael, furrowed her brows and shot her eyes open. “Now you take that back!”

He knew she was doing her best to make an angry expression, but with her soft and gentle features it came off looking very cute and wholly nonthreatening. He smiled a little and took a step towards her forgetting for a moment that she was a mythological creature that doesn’t really exist. “Take what back? I didn’t see your tail from the way you was layin’. You just looked like a woman.”

Her eyebrows raised and her mouth dropped open with shock. After a moment she turned to the side and puffed out her lip again. “I do not,” she whined, dragging out her vowel sounds to make a moaning whimper. “Women do not look as beautiful as I do!”

Michael stood and stared for a moment totally bewildered. The friendly breeze blew again to fill in the silence. After a moment of studying her figure he did begin to notice subtle features that were distinctly different from a human’s. And while there was no one glaring feature he could point to that made her look so beautiful, he was able to see how these little changes worked in unison to make her, indeed, far more beautiful that human women.

Her skin tone, hair color and the way light seemed to penetrate her and dance playfully under her skin were just the beginning. Her torso was slightly elongated and very slender; it was shaped like a statue of an idealized female body, carved by a great artist of long ago. Her breasts were in perfect proportion and matched her body with an unmistakable precision. The creamy skin had no blemishes or spots of any kind. Even her tail, which one would think would look grotesque and almost frightening, fit so perfectly with the rest of her figure that it would be impossible to imagine human legs in it’s place. And her face was soft and gentle with a shimmer of bubbly, child-like innocence that no adult human could possess; even when she scowled at him, her face could make Michael smile.

But there were still her eyes. Michael could not quite figure out what it was about them, but somehow they didn’t match her innocence. They were piercing and seemed to be hiding something. They seemed to dare him to peer inside.

He could not bring himself to look her in the eyes.

“I . . . I’m sorry,” Michael said after a long pause. He dropped his head down a little. “You’re right, you’re much prettier than any woman I know. Any woman on earth!”

Shara turned, smiled a bit and gave a quick, triumphant nod. “Thank you.” She dipped back down into the water and used her tail to splash Michael. Then she giggled, bobbed and generally swam playfully amusing herself for several minutes while he watched. “Well come on!” she finally said and motioned him towards her.

Michael took off his shirt and boots and waded into the water.

For a long while the two just swam and splashed one another playfully. Shara would giggle and slip underwater to sneak up behind Michael and tug at his legs. Michael would run onto a rock and dive into the water, pretending he was trying to land on her. With this, time faded away as the two simply enjoyed one another’s company.