Editing Text Files: The inherent problem with Linux server tutorials

As I've thought about how to write up a tutorial on setting up a FTP server using Linux, I keep coming back to one, glaring problem: it's difficult to edit text in Linux. This is actually an amazing oxymoron if you know anything about Linux systems. There are probably thousands of commands and software tools available for text manipulation. Programming languages were developed purely for text manipulation. The entire Linux operating system is developed to be configured via simple, plain text documents.

My N.A.S. Homebrew Project

For anyone who isn't tencho-hip, like me (straining my eyes looking down my nose at the keyboard as I type this), NAS stands for Network Attached Storage. The idea behind a NAS is to have an applianceĀ  you just attach to your network and magical gigabytes of storage appear, similar to how free tv programming magically appears when you connect your cable to your neighbor's box. NAS boxes are, like many devices now adays, actually just computers running and embedded operating system, usually FreeBSD or Linux. They're headless (no monitor) and totally configured via a web interface.

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