We got a "new" RV

New is in quotes for pretty obvious reason. This RV was built in 1977, lots of retro goodness here. Gotta love the brown, orange and yellow color scheme!! What were the smoking in the 1970s?? ... Oh yeah... nevermind.

Dad and I pitched in to buy this old machine, and to tell they truth we got it for a steal! The engine's been rebuilt and other than a few little things, is in great shape. The interior is in really great shape for it's age.

Final Baby Birds; Empty Nest Syndrome

Well, if I hadn't see in all with my own eyes, I'm not sure I would have believed it! Right at two weeks, the baby birds have grown up and left the nest. From little blue eggs to sky's-the-limit in two weeks.

Baby Birds - Week Two

So last week I shared with you how we found the nest of three baby birds. What a difference a week makes! I can't believe how fast these little guys grew!

Unfortunately, it looks like one of them didn't make it and only momma knows why. I came home one day and there were two. That's nature.

Three baby birds in the bush

Something pretty cool happened over the weekend. We found out if three baby birds in the bush are worth anything. While Heather was trimming the hedges on Saturday, she found a birds nest with a chick and two unhatched eggs!

First time I've seen a bird that young before, had probably just hatched that day and it was unbelievably cute. Every time we would jostled the bush, it's raise it's little head up with it's mouth open. We figured since it couldn't see yet it expects any kind of vibration to be momma coming home with dinner.

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