From Vision to Reality: Productivity Tips with Will McCormick

In today’s episode of the Kanawha Valley Hustlers podcast, I’m with Will McCormick. We’re here at Up Next Charlie West, enjoying a bit of summer. Lately, I’ve been focused on productivity, so let’s dive into that. First, I ask Will what he thinks productivity means. He explains that productivity isn’t just busywork; it’s about having a goal and a clear path to reach it.

We discuss the difference between being busy and being productive. Will says being busy is going through the motions without purpose, like making follow-up calls without intention. Productivity, on the other hand, involves setting appointments, ensuring they are valuable, and preparing beforehand to make the process smooth and efficient.

I ask Will if people often make a show of being busy. He agrees and mentions phrases like “hustle and grind,” but emphasizes the importance of working smarter, not just harder. I compare it to using a shovel versus a backhoe: both are working, but the backhoe is far more productive.

Moving on, I bring up the challenge many face in achieving long-term goals. People often talk about their aspirations but fail to take actionable steps. I ask Will for advice on taking the first step towards a goal. He suggests creating benchmarks. For example, if the goal is to save $50,000, set a deadline and break it down into smaller, manageable targets. This way, you’re constantly moving towards your goal.

We discuss the idea that achieving one goal isn’t the end. Will points out that life is about continuous growth and setting new goals. If you stop setting goals, you’re not progressing. He emphasizes the importance of staying active and productive.

To wrap up, I talk about the importance of collaboration in productivity. I ask Will how he gets others to join his vision. He says it’s crucial to have enthusiasm and to help others see how their vision can align with yours. People are more likely to join in if they feel invested.

Will highlights that the key to getting someone to do something is to make them want to do it. If you can inspire them to see the value, they’re more likely to commit. He mentions his passion for connecting with people and offers his help to anyone who needs it. He’s active on social media and encourages people to reach out.

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