Kanawha Valley Spirit Shines at Our Ribbon-Cutting

Today, I’m broadcasting from the office at 600 Westmoreland Office Park. This episode is special as I’m sharing an impromptu live stream from our ribbon-cutting event on June 26th. The turnout was incredible, and I am truly grateful for the support. It was an amazing display of our strong community spirit here in the Kanawha Valley.

As I walk around, I interact with numerous attendees, all of whom contribute to the vibrant atmosphere. I first meet Kerry-Ann, who is enthusiastic and cheerful. Then, I chat with Leann and a few others who express their excitement about the event.

Moving on, I meet John and Stephanie among others. Their presence adds to the energy of the event. Natalie Shelton from City National Bank also shares her enthusiasm. I then talk to Brian from the Charleston Area Alliance, who is thrilled to be part of the event. His previous experience in politics shines through in his animated conversation.

As I continue to mingle, I encounter Taylor and Isaac from Local2u, who talks about upgrading the community to wireless internet. This kind of innovation is crucial for our community’s growth.

Next, I meet David and Dwayne from Optimum Business, who are instrumental in providing the necessary services for our new office. Their contributions are much appreciated, and their presence at the event is a testament to their support.

Scott from Better Homes and Gardens stops by, emphasizing the importance of collaboration in the real estate sector. He encourages everyone to buy a house and let me help with marketing, highlighting the synergy between our services.

I then meet Abe, a financial advisor, who is here to support our efforts. His presence underlines the diverse range of professionals attending the event. We also have representatives from the U.S. Small Business Administration, discussing disaster loans available due to a recent declaration.

John, who lends money for living, also joins the conversation, expressing his support. Another guest, Wayne, highlights the importance of community connections and mutual support.

As I continue to navigate through the crowd, I meet various professionals, including those in property management, photography, and consulting. Each one of them shares their excitement and support for the new office.

One of the highlights is meeting my parents and my niece, Bailey, who interns with us. Their presence means a lot to me and adds a personal touch to the event. We also have representatives from the construction industry and home services, further showcasing the wide range of attendees.

Towards the end, I introduce Michael from Mountaineer Contracting Associates. He shares his enthusiasm for the event and congratulates us on the new office.

Before wrapping up, I take the listeners on a quick tour of the new office, showing the food setup and my personal office space. This new office symbolizes our growth and the exciting journey ahead.

I invite everyone to join us in growing their businesses with direct response video. The event is not just a celebration of a new office but a testament to the strong community bonds and the bright future ahead for all of us in the Kanawha Valley. Thank you all for your support and for being part of this journey. I look forward to the future with excitement and anticipation. See you all at the next event!

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