Building a Productive Future with Hunter Wilkes

On today’ episode of Kanawha Valley Hustlers I’m joined by Hunter Wilkes, who is about to graduate from Charleston Catholic High School. Hunter shares his plans to study business and finance at the University of Kentucky, emphasizing the importance of attending local events like Business After Hours to make valuable connections.

Hunter believes that networking is not just about who you know but about knowing the right people. He shares his insights on productivity, drawing a clear distinction between being busy and being productive. According to Hunter, productivity requires a certain mindset and skill set. While anyone can appear busy, true productivity involves doing worthwhile work that benefits oneself and others.

As Hunter prepares to leave school and face new challenges, he reflects on the importance of time management. He points out that, unlike in school where teachers help keep students on track, he will now need to manage his own time effectively. He stresses the significance of being punctual and reliable in both personal and professional settings.

Hunter also discusses the concept of taking a seat at the table. It’s not enough to simply know the right people; one must also produce something of value to justify their place. This means contributing meaningfully and maintaining one’s integrity and values.

When asked about achieving long-term goals, Hunter draws a parallel with the school system. He explains that just as students progress through grades to prepare for higher levels, people should break down their long-term goals into manageable steps. By identifying small, actionable tasks, they can make steady progress without falling into the trap of procrastination.

Hunter acknowledges that no one can achieve everything alone. He advises surrounding oneself with supportive people, as individuals are often the average of the five people they spend the most time with. Whether they are friends, family, or coworkers, having a strong support network is crucial.

Hunter also highlights the importance of having a common purpose when working with others. He points out that successful organizations, whether they are governments, charities, or religious groups, all work towards a shared goal. Effective outreach and communication are essential for getting people on board and achieving objectives more efficiently.

As our conversation wraps up, I thank Hunter for joining me and sharing his valuable insights. I remind our viewers to like, follow, and subscribe to the Kanawha Valley Hustlers podcast for more episodes.

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