Creating Holidays with the Kanawha Valley Hustlers

Hello, and welcome to the Kanawha Valley Hustlers. Here at Bar 101, I’m joined by Erin Noon for Up Next Charlie West’s First Tuesday event, a regular gathering for the young professionals group. The buzz inside is so loud that we decide to take our conversation outdoors.

Amidst the casual banter, I throw an interesting hypothetical to Erin. What if H.R. decided to eliminate all holidays except one, and it’s her job to invent a new one? Erin’s choice is intriguing – National Nice People’s Day, a celebration of the genuine kindness prevalent among colleagues at the Charleston Area Alliance.

Mike Stockman steps up to the hypothetical challenge next. His choice of Veterans Day is deeply personal, reflecting his military background. Adding a touch of humor, he suggests Elf Day, a whimsical celebration involving festive decorations, gift crafting, and enthusiastic singing.

The conversation unfolds with each participant introducing their unique holiday. DJEJ envisions an amplified New Year’s Eve, an immersive celebration with fire breathers, bands, and DJs, emphasizing community involvement. Hunter Wilkes proposes New Year’s Rebirth, a celebration centered around personal development and growth.

Elishua Brown takes a different approach with “Don’t Care Day,” advocating for authenticity without societal expectations. Dan Irwin, being a teacher, leans towards a soccer season celebration, aligning with the school’s sports focus.

William J. McCormick introduces William J Day, marked by a big sale and goofy antics by employees, reflecting his lighthearted approach to work. Elena Compton suggests an extended International Women’s Day, emphasizing gratitude towards female role models.

Britney opts for Appreciation Day, highlighting the organization’s commitment to valuing both employees and customers. The day features a potluck feast, echoing a sense of community and down-home values. In my turn, I introduce “Anti-Hustle Day,” a reminder for everyone, even hustlers, to take a break and avoid burnout during the holiday season.

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