Curiosity Unleashed: A Journey into STEM with Arclin Amines

Recording this episode of the Kanawha Valley Hustlers from The Clay Center today, I find myself surrounded by 180 curious third graders, their eyes wide with wonder as they dive headfirst into the world of science and chemistry.

I’m joined by Brad Bolduc, a representative from a chemical and science materials business, Arclin Amines, based out of Atlanta. Brad and his team have recently acquired the Bell Chemical Company, and their mission today is crystal clear: to inspire the next generation of scientists and chemists. It’s more than just business for them; it’s a passion for shaping the future.

As I chat with Brad, his enthusiasm for the community and the people in it is contagious. He emphasizes the importance of having a dedicated group of individuals, the kind that wakes up every day with the drive to make a difference. For Brad, it’s not just about profit margins; it’s about fostering a spirit of innovation and curiosity right here in West Virginia.

Then there’s Heather Henson, a senior chemist from Arclin Amines. Her eyes light up as she talks about her experiences engaging with kids in STEM programs. For her, the magic happens when these young minds pose questions she never anticipated. It’s a testament to the incredible potential residing within each child.

Heather shares an anecdote about a recent experiment with some students. The kids, in their infinite wisdom, questioned the status quo, challenging Heather to think outside the box. Together, they embarked on a real-time experiment, proving that learning knows no boundaries. These children are not just students; they’re budding scientists, eager to explore the unknown.

As I witness these interactions, I can’t help but marvel at the energy and curiosity emanating from the room. The Clay Center has transformed into a hub of creativity and discovery, with kids bubbling over with excitement, their enthusiasm infectious.

The event draws to a close, but the impact of this day will resonate far beyond these walls. Brad, Heather, and I share a moment of mutual understanding. We’re not just witnesses to this learning; we’re active participants in shaping these young minds.

So here I am, signing off from the Clay Center, inspired by the passion of Brad, Heather, and every child in the room. Today, I’ve witnessed the future in the making, and it’s a future that holds endless possibilities, one where curiosity and determination reign supreme.

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