Enhancing Vehicles and Ensuring Compliance: Insights from Tim Hudson, President of Sights Sounds & Speed Inc.

In this episode, Joe Justice interviews Tim Hudson, the president of Sights Sounds & Speed Inc. The discussion revolves around the services provided by Tim’s company, which specializes in vehicle modifications and fleet management. Tim explains that Sights Sounds & Speed Inc. has been in the industry for 25 years, adapting to changing technologies and vehicle types.

The company offers a range of services for commercial fleets and individual vehicle owners. They can integrate and upgrade vehicles, making them more efficient and suitable for specific purposes. They can add safety features like cameras to prevent fraud and protect company assets. Their expertise extends to various types of vehicles, from classic cars to modern work trucks.

Tim mentions their collaboration with United Dairy, where they monitor truck compliance and trailer conditions. They ensure that the milk remains at the right temperature during transportation, preventing financial losses for the company. Through telematics and specialized units, they collect and analyze data to maintain quality and safety standards.

The conversation also touches upon Sights Sounds & Speed Inc. retail operation. They offer services like replacing car stereos, adding remote start systems, heated seats, and upgrading vehicles with components like wheels and tires. Tim emphasizes their ability to integrate with newer vehicles, enhancing functionalities rather than replacing entire systems. They can even customize vehicles for individuals with specific needs, such as installing extra steps or adding convenience items.

Sights Sounds & Speed Inc. is located at 53 Underwood Avenue, Saint Albans, WV and where they host regular events. They are well-regarded in the industry, and many local dealerships recognize their expertise.

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