Jay Silverman: Embracing the Hustle in the Kanawha Valley

Welcome to the bustling Kanawha Valley, where energy and excitement are in the air. In this podcast, Joe Justice delves into the world of Jay Silverman, an enthusiastic guy dedicated to making things happen. From preparing for the opening day at GoMart Ballpark to exploring unique hot dog creations, Jay embodies the true spirit of hustle.

As the Director of Business Development for the Dirty Birds, Jay’s current focus is getting GoMart Ballpark ready for opening day. Despite having already hosted major events like the WVU and Marshall games, as well as the unforgettable Savannah Bananas experience, the anticipation for the upcoming baseball season remains high. Jay and his team are tirelessly working to ensure an unforgettable experience for the fans.

Beyond the ballpark, Jay is an integral part of the Have Fun WV movement, which celebrates the wonders of West Virginia. Through their YouTube channel and Facebook page, Jay and his team have been on a quest to find the best West Virginia-style hot dog. Having already visited nearly 300 locations, they have crowned their top pick and are now on the lookout for unique hot dog variations and local hidden gems. The movement is all about showcasing the state’s culinary delights, from challenging dishes to popular local favorites.

As part of the Have Fun WV initiative, Jay is organizing a pepperoni roll contest at the ballpark. It’s an opportunity for enthusiasts to participate and showcase their favorite version of this West Virginia delicacy. Jay invites anyone interested in joining the contest to reach out. This exciting event is just one example of the fun and engaging activities Jay and his team are bringing to the community.

Joe Justice commends Jay for his passion and dedication. He acknowledges that Jay’s willingness to take on challenges, whether related to food or adventure, sets him apart. Jay’s YouTube channel not only highlights the culinary delights of West Virginia but also ventures into reviewing unique Airbnbs and taking on various challenges suggested by fans.

The Kanawha Valley is abuzz with Jay Silverman’s infectious energy and drive. From preparing for opening day at GoMart Ballpark to his Have Fun WV movement, Jay love for West Virginia shines through in all his endeavors. As he continues to explore unique hot dogs, review local businesses, and engage in exciting challenges, Jay serves as an inspiration for others to embrace the hustle and celebrate the vibrant community around them. The Kanawha Valley is undoubtedly a place where adventure and culinary delights await at every corner. So join Jay Silverman and experience the wonders of the Kanawha Valley for yourself!

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