Melissa Pemberton: A Warrior in the World of Copiers and Community

In this episode of the Kanawha Valley Hustlers, I have a special guest, Melissa Pemberton. She’s an account manager at Prosource, a tech company dealing with copiers and printers. It’s not every day you meet someone so passionate about copiers and printers, but Melissa isn’t just passionate; she’s a warrior.

Melissa opens up about her hustle, which she describes as “helping all.” In her world, copiers and printers aren’t just office equipment; they’re tools to make businesses more efficient. She’s got a team of service technicians. They’re not just there to fix things when they break; they’re there to prevent future breakdowns, to keep those machines running so businesses can focus on their customers.

Melissa, in a male-dominated industry, stands out. She’s not just successful; she’s a winner, and she’s proud of it. Three years in a row, she’s hit her quota and won the coveted sales trip. That’s not a small feat, especially when you’re the only woman on those trips.

We dive deep into the power of relationships. Melissa emphasizes that relationships, connections, and networking are at the core of what she does. It’s not just about selling; it’s about helping people find the right solutions for their needs.

But Melissa’s not just about business. She’s about community, about giving back. She’s part of various networking groups and organizations, from Business Networking International to the Charleston Rotary Group. Prosource even gives her 72 hours a month to volunteer at nonprofits and community organizations.

Here’s where Melissa’s story takes a personal turn. She shares her journey from addiction to recovery, from being a victim of domestic violence to a survivor who now speaks at churches and organizations. She’s a beacon of hope, proof that life’s challenges can be overcome.

As we wrap up our conversation, I’m left with a powerful message from Melissa. Life is about helping others, being kind, and building meaningful relationships. It’s not about material possessions; it’s about the impact you make on others’ lives.

It’s been a privilege to have Melissa on the show today, to hear her story, and to be reminded that sometimes the most extraordinary people are the ones who’ve faced the darkest challenges and emerged stronger and more determined than ever.

In today’s episode, I had the pleasure of hosting Melissa Pemberton, an account manager at Prosource. Melissa’s hustle revolves around helping businesses thrive with efficient copiers and printers. Her dedication to providing top-notch service and her team’s expertise in maintaining these machines set her apart in a male-dominated industry.

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