Supporting Local Economies and Nurturing Creativity: Joel Bennett and Aronfield Agency

In this conversation with Joel Bennett, the creative director at Aronfield Agency, I gained valuable insights into the world of creativity, digital marketing, and entrepreneurship. Bennett’s journey from a web design and video production service provider to running a full-fledged agency highlights the importance of adaptability and problem-solving in today’s business landscape.

Initially focused on offering web design, graphic design, and video production services, Bennett’s agency quickly evolved to become a trusted partner for businesses seeking comprehensive solutions. By understanding clients’ goals and needs, the agency shifted from a service-oriented approach to a consultancy model, providing tailored guidance and connecting clients with the necessary resources for success.

Bennett’s commitment to his community is evident through his involvement in initiatives like Art Walk, an event that brings together various businesses in downtown Charleston. Art Walk aims to create a vibrant atmosphere where local businesses showcase their specialties, be it through art, live music, or unique experiences. Bennett’s agency actively contributes to Art Walk, helping to manage the event and promote local businesses, emphasizing the significance of supporting local economies.

Bennett’s creative spirit extends beyond running his agency. During the challenging times of the COVID-19 pandemic, he embarked on a new venture, launching a t-shirt company. Recognizing the need to pivot and generate additional revenue, he capitalized on his creativity and produced retro-themed t-shirts featuring defunct logos. This diversification exemplifies the resourcefulness required to thrive in uncertain times.

When discussing his creative process, Bennett reveals his preference for working during nighttime. He finds that sleep deprivation sparks his creativity, particularly when creating videos or artwork. Furthermore, he emphasizes the importance of jotting down ideas consistently, allowing for organization and the creation of actionable goals. Bennett also stresses the significance of taking one step closer to your goals each day, no matter how small the step may be.

In the realm of digital marketing, Bennett acknowledges the complexity and overwhelming choices available to businesses. He highlights the need for expertise and time commitment in effectively managing social media, public relations, and other aspects of a company’s online presence. Bennett’s agency offers a solution by providing reliable and trustworthy digital marketing services, helping businesses navigate this ever-evolving landscape.

Joel Bennett’s experiences and insights provide valuable lessons for entrepreneurs, marketers, and creative professionals alike. From transforming a service-based agency into a consultancy model to actively engaging with the local community and embracing diversification, Bennett exemplifies the qualities necessary for success in today’s business world. Furthermore, his creative process and advice on digital marketing shed light on effective strategies for nurturing creativity and staying ahead in a digitally driven environment. By adopting Bennett’s principles of adaptability, problem-solving, and consistent progress, individuals and businesses can navigate the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead.

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