The Transformative Power of Music: Insights from Scott Milam of Stolen Moment Jazz Quartet

In this episode of Kanawha Valley Hustlers podcast, Joe Justice talked with Scott Milam, a talented musician and member of the Stolen Moment Jazz Quartet, to discuss the transformative nature of music. From the importance of balancing work and family to the impact of music education on young minds, their conversation shed light on the role that music plays in our lives.

As a full-time schoolteacher since 1990, Scott Milam emphasized the significance of music education for children. He encouraged students to get involved in music programs, highlighting the sense of purpose and accomplishment that comes from actively participating in music. Milam shared his personal experience, noting that when he got involved in music, he felt a sense of importance from day one. Unlike some activities where participation may be limited, playing music allows individuals to contribute and make a difference from the very beginning.

Milam underscored the importance of collaboration in music. He highlighted the idea of being a sideman, where each member of the band supports and complements one another’s talents. Just as a football team requires teamwork to succeed, a band relies on each member’s contribution to create a harmonious sound. Milam emphasized that regardless of the instrument or role, every part matters when making music together.

Milam plays vibraphone in his band band, Stolen Moment Jazz Quartet. They have been playing together since 2007. Their sound is often compared to George Benson and Wes Montgomery, known for their melodic and soulful jazz style. Stolen Moment has performed at various venues and events, including Jazz Fest, and Huntington Symphony’s Picnic with the Pops.

Milam described Stolen Moment as a passion project and a side hustle. While his teaching job provides stability, music remains his true love. He emphasized the importance of playing music he loves rather than solely focusing on financial gain. For individuals interested in incorporating music into their lives, Milam recommended finding opportunities to play and connect with like-minded musicians.

The conversation with Scott Milam from Stolen Moment Jazz Quartet highlighted the transformative power of music. From the impact of music education on young minds to the collaborative nature of creating music, it became evident that music has the ability to enrich lives and provide a sense of purpose.

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