The Wisdom of Orlando Craighead: Prioritizing Health for a Better Life

Joe Justice and Orlando Craighead discuss the importance of health and wellness in achieving success in life. They begin by highlighting the idea that improving your health is a crucial step towards improving your wealth. Joe mentions that being in great shape is essential for those looking to be successful in the Kanawha Valley hustle. He then introduces Orlando Craighead, the executive director of the Kanawha Coalition for Community Health Improvement, to discuss health and wellness.

Orlando shares his perspective on the importance of health and wellness, emphasizing that one’s health is their wealth. He explains that without good health, one cannot perform well at work or take care of their family. Orlando mentions how people often get burned out by focusing too much on monetary wealth, stressing themselves out in the process. Joe and Orlando agree that it’s essential to take time out for yourself, even if it’s just a 30-minute walk to clear your head.

They then discuss the Kanawha Active Owl community group. The group organizes various exercises such as yoga, step class, bowling, dancing, weight training, kickboxing, hiking trails, and walks in the community. Orlando explains that the events are designed to encourage people to get active, regardless of their pace or speed. He highlights how seniors have come out to Zumba, and the classes have grown from 20 to over 50 people. The yoga class has also picked up, and more people are coming to kickboxing and weight training.

Joe and Orlando agree that many people overthink exercise and stress themselves out in the process, planning and plotting the perfect exercise routine but never actually getting around to doing it. They emphasize that the most important thing is to take the first step, whether it’s going for a walk or attending a yoga class. They encourage people to stop worrying about how they look and instead focus on the benefits of being active and taking care of their health.

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