Dwayne Boggess on Optimum Business, Spirits and Sales

In this episode of the Kanawha Valley Hustler, I talk to Dwayne Boggess. Dwayne is a commercial account executive at Optimum Business, and I as I asked him, “What’s your hustle, buddy?” Dwayne explains that his hustle revolves around taking care of businesses, ensuring they get the best Internet, phone, video, and email services possible. His goal? Keep them away from those dreaded 800 numbers.

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Dwayne then delves into the history of Optimum, giving us a little background. It turns out Optimum has had quite the journey, starting as Charter and evolving into Altice USA. It’s only recently that they’ve fully transitioned into operating as one unit under the name Optimum.

I was curious about the difference between Optimum and Optimum Business, so I prodded Dwayne for more details. He revealed that they operate as two separate units, and his focus is solely on the business side of things. When it comes to businesses, Dwayne is there to make sure they get what they need.

We then ventured into the realm of Internet service providers. Dwayne highlighted the significance of a secure network, protecting against those pesky hackers. Optimum’s focus on security sets them apart, along with their dedication to providing excellent customer service, something that’s often missing in the residential sector.

As our conversation continued, we talked about sales and the art of building relationships. Dwayne stressed that it’s not just about the product; it’s about trust and likability. It was clear that he genuinely cares about his customers’ needs and sleepless nights sometimes come with the territory when you’re committed to delivering the best service.

We also touched on Dwayne’s side hustle as a spirits broker, a venture he embarked on after a long and successful career in the spirits business. He partnered up with Edgewater Spirits and launched Wódka Vodka, a brand that’s been steadily growing.

In wrapping up the episode, I couldn’t help but admire Dwayne’s journey, going from selling vegetables on the roadside to becoming a seasoned sales professional and a successful entrepreneur.

Until next time, this is Joe Justice, the Kanawha Valley Hustler, reminding you to hustle hard, hustle smart and hustle with a smile!

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