Joe Justice’s Guide to Strategic Marketing

This is the first of thee clips I’ve made from my Up Next Charlie West presentation, my focus is purely strategic; I don’t delve into the tactical details, but I’m more than willing to address those individually.

First and foremost, I’m grateful to this attentive crowd. I understand that time is a precious commodity, and their presence here today is truly appreciated.

Before I embark on this journey into the world of marketing strategy, I introduce a simple timer, one of my secret weapons. It’s a tool I often use with my kids when they have tasks to complete. Setting it for 45 minutes, I ensure that there’s ample time for your questions as we delve into today’s topic.

My journey started in the early ’90s as a content creator, primarily focused on video production. I wear multiple hats, including that of a visual effects artist and a computer animator. My work has spanned various domains, from forensic animation to educational children’s programming. I’ve even had the privilege of showcasing my work on PBS and receiving accolades at children’s festivals. It’s been quite a ride through the world of media production.

In recent years, I’ve transitioned into news and live sports production. For the past eight years, I’ve proudly served as the marketing director at Advantage Technology. Nearly every piece of marketing content you’ve seen from Advantage Technology was produced under me. Throughout this journey, I’ve observed the shifts and transformations that the marketing world has undergone.

Now, here’s a promise I make to you today. If you lend me your ears and pay attention, I’m about to reveal some unexpected marketing superpowers. I understand it might sound like a bold claim, but in the world of marketing, making bold claims and then delivering on them is the name of the game.

However, I need you to join me on this journey with an open mind, ready to set aside any preconceived notions. Let’s start with a simple example: one plus one doesn’t always equal two. This might sound strange, but it’s a teaser for the high-level psychological tricks I’m about to unveil for running your business.

As I’ve stressed from the beginning, marketing isn’t just about advertising; it’s a comprehensive strategic system that covers everything from pricing to customer evangelization. In the grand scheme of things, advertising is just a small slice of the marketing pie.

So, as we proceed, remember this acronym: TOPP, which stands for Target, Offer, Position, and Perspective. These are the four essential elements that will guide us through the world of marketing strategy. In the next episode we’ll go further on this journey together, challenging preconceptions and exploring the depths of marketing strategy.

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