Empowering Girls in STEM: A Conversation with Programmer and Author Christie Trent

In this episode of the Kanawha Valley Hustlers podcast, host Joe Justice sat down with Christie Trent, a programmer, author, and fitness enthusiast, to discuss her diverse array of projects and passions. The conversation revolved around STEM education, coding, Christie’s upcoming book releases, and her journey towards embracing a healthier lifestyle.

Christie, a STEM and coding advocate, highlighted her involvement in the STEM community and her dedication to volunteering for STEM education programs. She discussed her experience in teaching coding through the Hour of Code initiative, both in West Virginia public schools and with the Department of Defense. Her passion for empowering young learners in the field of technology shone through as she explained her motivation for creating a coloring book titled “Girls Can Code.”

One intriguing aspect of Christie’s book was that it was entirely created by AI. The coloring book features illustrations of girls engaging in coding activities, many of whom are depicted wearing headphones—a common practice among coders to help them focus and zone out distractions. The book serves as a tool to inspire young girls and promote their participation in STEM fields.

Beyond coding, Christie has also ventured into the realm of health and fitness. Her upcoming book, “Harvesting Change,” chronicles her personal journey to improve her health and shares her insights on adopting a plant-based diet. Inspired by her own transformative experience, she aims to provide hope and guidance to those seeking to make positive changes in their lives.

Throughout the podcast, Christie’s passion for her work and her desire to make a difference were evident. She emphasized the vast opportunities available in the world of coding, with resources and learning materials readily accessible online. She encouraged aspiring coders to explore their interests, highlighting the flexibility of remote work and the ability to collaborate with individuals from all over the world.

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