Driving Positive Change in West Virginia: Insights from the Almost Heaven Classic

The entrepreneurial spirit is breaking through in West Virginia, free from the traditional company mentality and fostering a culture of innovation and growth. In this episode, I talk to Cooper Simmerman about the success of the recent Almost Heaven Classic event.

Organized by Mountaineer Media, it exemplified this entrepreneurial spirit, bringing together a diverse group of individuals to celebrate and discuss the state’s exciting future. The event featured a panel discussion with esteemed leaders and a thrilling golf tournament, creating an unforgettable experience for attendees.

The Almost Heaven Classic kicked off with a panel discussion led by Cooper Simmerman and C.J. Harvey, showcasing the forward-thinking mindset of West Virginians. The panel included Brad Smith, Sarah Biller and Brandon Dennison. The focus of the discussion was on the present and future state of West Virginia, emphasizing the idea that the things we aspire to build are already happening. The panelists shared insights and lessons, urging attendees to collaborate, build partnerships, and take the lead in driving positive change in the state.

Following the panel discussion, participants had the opportunity to showcase their golfing skills at the Almost Heaven Classic’s golf tournament. Held at the Canaan Kanawha Valley Resort, 29 teams competed in a traditional scramble format. The tournament celebrated the natural beauty of West Virginia, providing a platform for networking, camaraderie, and friendly competition. The winning team was rewarded with a unique prize: custom-made jackets by legendary master tailor Tony the Tailor, adorned with the event’s logo.

The Almost Heaven Classic not only celebrated entrepreneurship but also emphasized the importance of community and connection. Attendees were brought together to exchange ideas, forge partnerships, and strengthen the entrepreneurial ecosystem in West Virginia. The event successfully bridged the gap between the digital world and physical experiences, as Mountaineer Media’s online audience of doers, innovators, and entrepreneurs came together in person.

With the overwhelming success of the Almost Heaven Classic, Mountaineer Media aims to make this an annual event, rotating locations throughout West Virginia. The event’s unique blend of inspiration, networking, and celebration sets the stage for continued growth and development in the state’s entrepreneurial landscape.

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