Final Baby Birds; Empty Nest Syndrome

Well, if I hadn’t see in all with my own eyes, I’m not sure I would have believed it! Right at two weeks, the baby birds have grown up and left the nest. From little blue eggs to sky’s-the-limit in two weeks.

Early this week I noticed their eyes were open and they were much more skittish when we came around. They were actually recognizing us now and didn’t simply raise their heads to eat when the bush shook. Then I noticed they could walk, and maneuvered out of direct sunlight in the head of the day to stay in the shade. Their feathers were fully formed and they really looked like birds. So I thought I better takes some pictures because they might be gone any day now.

So these pictures are all from the middle of the week. Take a look at my previous post and you’ll see just how much they changed in five days! So this morning I went out to take a look and the nest was empty. I checked the ground to see if they might have fallen out, and there’s not a bird around. Even momma is nowhere to be seen.

Just two weeks and we already have empty nest syndrome.

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