Hustling with Integrity: JoAnne Burka’s Approach to Business

Joe Justice here, coming at you from the streets of Charleston. Today, I had the pleasure of chatting with JoAnne Burka, a seasoned professional with a wealth of experience from her days at Xerox to her current endeavors at The Printing Press. Let me share with you some of the insightful nuggets from our conversation.

JoAnne’s enthusiasm for her work is palpable, evident in her dedication to building lasting relationships through networking. She emphasizes the power of genuine connections, citing her involvement in BNI, a professional networking group, as a pivotal marketing strategy that has propelled her business forward. It’s all about building trust and having fun along the way.

When it comes to fostering a positive business culture, JoAnne advocates for a “positive attitude changes everything” mindset, a philosophy she carried from her Xerox days. Positivity, coupled with honesty and responsiveness, forms the bedrock of a thriving company culture.

Setting and achieving long-term goals is a gradual process for JoAnne, starting with short-term goals and staying committed to continuous improvement and education. It’s about staying on top of your game day in and day out, she explains, a sentiment echoed in her approach to leadership.

Respect, active listening, and allowing individuals to be themselves are cornerstones of JoAnne’s leadership philosophy. Whether in management or sales, she believes in treating everyone with dignity and integrity, a principle that extends to building professional relationships within the industry.

JoAnne’s advice for maintaining strong professional relationships is simple yet profound: respect, trust, honesty, and, of course, having fun. Authenticity breeds credibility, she emphasizes, urging us to admit when we don’t know something rather than feigning expertise.

As our conversation wraps up, want to remind you to hustle hard, hustle smart, and hustle with a smile, echoing the ethos of the Kanawha Valley Hustlers.

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