Inside the 6th Annual Raspberry Jam

Today episode of the Kanawha Valley Hustlers was recorded at the 6th annual Raspberry Jam WV in at the University of Charleston. As I walk through the crowd, surrounded by buzzing computers and eager minds, I can’t help but feel energized by the atmosphere.

I chat with Korben, a computer science student at the University of Charleston, who’s here to support his professor and showcase their projects. It’s inspiring to see young minds diving into the world of Raspberry Pi and coding with such enthusiasm.

Meeting Will and his 11-year-old son reminds me of the importance of events like this in nurturing young talent. Seeing kids delve into electronics and programming at such a young age fills me with hope for the future of technology.

Tim, who works for a utility company, shares his passion for tinkering with Linux and Raspberry Pi. His excitement about the potential of these technologies to shape the future is infectious.

Christian, an MBA student, echoes the sentiment, emphasizing the economic opportunities that events like Raspberry Jam can bring to the Kanawha Valley. His involvement in cybersecurity shows the diverse range of interests sparked by events like this.

Chris, with his booth showcasing technology and resources, embodies the spirit of sharing knowledge and fostering community. His enthusiasm for helping others learn and explore technology is palpable.

As the day comes to a close, I gather with organizers and participants to reflect on the success of the event. With a record turnout and a wide range of activities, it’s clear that events like Raspberry Jam play a crucial role in promoting STEM education and fostering a sense of community in the Kanawha Valley.

From Minecraft hacking to AI bots, the variety of projects showcased today highlights the endless possibilities that Raspberry Pi offers. As the day draws to a close at the Raspberry Jam, I gather with Vince, Mike, Chad, and Brett to reflect on the event’s success. With enthusiasm in the air, we exchange thoughts on the day’s highlights and the impact of such gatherings on the community. Vince emphasizes the importance of lifelong learning evident in both students and adults, while Mike commends the diverse range of interests and the joy of learning displayed by attendees. Chad underscores the significance of networking and camaraderie, highlighting the shared goals and visions for the region’s future. Brett, the driving force behind the event, beams with pride at the record turnout and the passion for technology exhibited by participants. As we wrap up our conversation, there’s a shared consensus among us: events like Raspberry Jam are vital for fostering a culture of innovation, learning, and collaboration in the Kanawha Valley.

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