LaBelle Lights and Parade Delights: Vicki Vaughan at South Charleston

Joe Justice here, hanging out at the LaBelle Theater in South Charleston with Vicki Vaughn, the director of the South Charleston CVB. We’re chatting about all the awesome things happening in town, so let’s dive in.

Vicki’s got the lowdown on the hustle in South Charleston, and it’s all about sharing the excitement of this vibrant community. From free movies at the LaBelle Theater every Friday and Saturday night to December concerts featuring the Metro Band and the South Charleston High School Choir, there’s no shortage of entertainment.

Now, as we gear up for the holiday season, the Christmas parade is taking center stage. Scheduled for December 2nd at 12 noon, this parade promises floats, businesses, bands, and more. South Charleston is pulling out all the stops, ensuring this parade is a spectacular kickoff to the festive season.

Vicki talks about the behind-the-scenes action for the parade—logistics, decorations, and even getting Santa and Mrs. Claus prepped for their float. It’s a massive effort involving volunteers, check points, and meticulous planning to ensure the streets are lined with holiday cheer.

But the fun doesn’t stop there. The night before the parade, on December 1st at 5:30 PM, head to the mound for a tree lighting ceremony. Santa, free hot chocolate, and the melodic tunes of the band as the mayor lights up the Christmas tree. It’s a magical evening for the whole family.

Speaking of magical, the LaBelle Theater isn’t just about movies; it’s a hub of activity. Vicki tells us about the world’s largest Christmas stocking at the library—yes, you heard that right. Kids can register to win this colossal stocking and make their holiday dreams come true.

Beyond the holidays, the South Charleston CVB is all about showcasing the town’s unique charm. Museums, restaurants, boutiques, and even an ice skating rink—there’s something for everyone. Check out the Convention and Visitors Bureau’s website for the full scoop or swing by the LaBelle Theater Monday through Friday to chat with the friendly folks in person.

As we wrap up, Vicki shares a fun tidbit. If she could hire any holiday character, it would be the Grinch. Why? Well, the Grinch’s mix of mischief and charm would surely draw a crowd and spread holiday spirit in this cozy town.

So, there you have it—a glimpse into the hustle and bustle of South Charleston, where every event is a celebration and every day is an opportunity to make memories. Until next time, hustle hard, hustle smart, and always hustle with a smile.

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