Tech Park Tales: Imaginary Employees and Real Connections

Joe Justice here, and let me tell you about the incredible evening we had at the West Virginia Regional Technology Park. I had the pleasure of enjoying another Charleston Area Alliance Business After Hours event, where I chatted with the dynamic Nicole Christian.

Nicole gave us the lowdown on the evening’s festivities. The event, hosted by the Tech Park and Dow, brought together professionals from various industries. Networking, business discussions, and the exchange of business cards were in full swing, creating a vibrant atmosphere. If you’re looking to join the next business after hours, it’s as simple as visiting https://CharlestonAreaAlliance.org, where you can register online or give them a call if you’re not yet a member.

As the conversation flowed, we dove into the power of the Charleston Area Alliance. Nicole clarified that attending these events doesn’t require membership, although members enjoy discounted rates. It’s an excellent opportunity to connect with fellow business owners and expand your network.

Next up, I posed a festive question to Nicole about hiring a holiday character for a job. Her choice? Lucky the Leprechaun, aiming to bring in abundant funding for community investments. Now, that’s a strategic and creative choice!

But the holiday spirit didn’t stop there. I continued the tradition by asking other attendees about their mythical hires. Matt Ballard opted for hardworking elves to boost productivity, appreciating their strong work ethic. Jordan Crist envisioned Santa Claus as the ultimate holiday hire, handling the decorations, presents, and even using his credit card for gift shopping.

Sunny Kalwar had a unique perspective, choosing the tooth fairy for their stealthy present-delivering skills. The tooth fairy’s ability to sneak around would be a valuable asset for covert operations in Sunny’s world.

Moving on, Stephanie Roark had a practical approach, selecting the Easter Bunny to hide money for egg hunts.

As the holiday hiring continued, Camron Vagheei opted for an elf to fix his rentals, appreciating their nocturnal productivity. Alan Kuhlman had a personal touch, choosing the tooth fairy to rectify all his dental issues throughout adult life, hoping for a healthier smile without the hefty bills.

Tina White wanted Santa Claus to represent Providence Insurance at community events, adding a touch of holiday magic to their marketing strategy. Clark McCoy envisioned Santa Claus managing various buildings on-site, utilizing his sleigh’s speed for efficient transportation.

The whimsical hiring spree concluded with Ron Lovins’ unexpected choice of the legendary Andre the Giant. While not a mythical creature, Ron believed in the mythological status of the eighth wonder of the world, wanting him for personal protection.

And there you have it—a festive evening filled with imaginative hires and spirited conversations. As I wrap up this reflection at home, I couldn’t resist sharing my mythical hire: the elves. After all, making money while you sleep sounds like the ultimate hustle.

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