Mastering Payments in the Digital Era: A Conversation with Kurt Wiegand

In this episode of the Kanawha Valley Hustlers podcast, host Joe Justice talked with Kurt Wiegand, a territory manager with Heartland Payment Systems. The discussion revolved around the importance of payments for businesses and how Heartland plays a vital role in facilitating seamless transactions.

Joe and Kurt emphasized the crucial role payments play in running a successful business. They agreed that businesses without a reliable payment system face significant challenges in today’s marketplace. Kurt mentioned that approximately 70% of all business transactions involve some form of payment, be it card, ACH, or digital platforms like PayPal.

Heartland Payment Systems, a division of Global Payments, is a leading payment provider serving businesses across various industries. With a presence in 170 countries, Heartland is recognized as one of the largest payment processors in the world. Their services encompass payment processing, point-of-sale solutions, e-commerce integration, and payroll services.

Kurt takes a consultative approach to understand each business’s unique requirements and recommends appropriate payment solutions. Whether it’s a simple website with a shopping cart, a point-of-sale system, or a comprehensive e-commerce platform, Heartland provides tailored solutions to help businesses streamline their operations and enhance efficiency.

Heartland’s wide range of payment options includes mobile apps, wireless devices, virtual payments on computers and tablets, and standalone terminals. They offer versatile solutions designed to meet the needs of businesses of all sizes and scopes, from small retailers to multi-franchise establishments. Additionally, Heartland excels in the e-commerce space, providing shopping cart integration and web presence for businesses with online stores.

Heartland goes beyond payments by offering additional services to further support businesses. They have a robust payroll division that can help streamline payroll processes and potentially save businesses money. Heartland also collaborates with lenders to assist business owners in securing loans, as traditional bank financing may not always be readily available.

In the rapidly evolving business landscape, having an efficient and reliable payment system is essential. By working with Kurt, entrepreneurs and small business owners can simplify their payment processes, streamline operations, and focus on growing their ventures. Contact him at 304-763-1644 or kurt.wiegand@e-hps.com.

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