Navigating the Human Side of Business with Jamon Schmidt

Hey there, it’s Joe Justice, checking in from the Kanawha Valley Hustlers podcast. Today, I had the pleasure of chatting with Jamon Schmidt, the director of marketing communications for Goodwill Industries Of Kanawha Valley. He’s relatively new to the role, having just started in January, but he’s already making waves.

We delved into some insightful topics, starting with the most effective marketing strategies for growing businesses. Jamon brought up a key point about emotional intelligence, emphasizing the importance of understanding and tailoring communication to different individuals. It’s not just about what you say, but how you say it.

From there, we discussed fostering a positive and productive business culture, highlighting the significance of treating people as individuals. In today’s diverse workforce, recognizing and respecting differences is essential for success.

Setting and achieving long-term goals came next. Jamon stressed the importance of clarity and self-awareness, both for individuals and companies. Knowing where you’re headed and who you are is crucial for effective communication and goal attainment.

As for leadership philosophy, Jamon shared how his perspective has evolved over time. While previously focused on getting the job done, he now emphasizes empathy and understanding in his approach. Recognizing the humanity in everyone, he believes, leads to better outcomes.

Wrapping up, we talked about building and maintaining strong professional relationships. Jamon’s advice? Treat others how you want to be treated—the golden rule still applies.

Reflecting on our conversation, it’s clear that success in business isn’t just about numbers and strategies. It’s about people—understanding them, respecting them, and connecting with them on a human level.

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