The Business Behind the Beats with Josh Ruby

Hey there, it’s Joe Justice, and I’m thrilled to be sharing some insights from my recent conversation with Josh Ruby on the Kanawha Valley Hustler podcast. Josh, the mastermind behind BRAVO Live DJ, gave us a glimpse into the world of mobile DJing and the keys to his success.

First off, Josh runs BRAVO Live DJ, the top mobile DJ company in the Tri-State area. With a whopping 200 shows per year, his team of eight professional mix DJs keeps the party going across the region. Networking plays a pivotal role in Josh’s business strategy. Attending events like the Up Next Charlie West gathering allows him to connect with industry peers and potential clients, fostering valuable relationships that drive business growth.

When it comes to marketing, Josh emphasizes the power of word-of-mouth promotion. Those initial random connections made at events continue to yield business opportunities even today. However, as the business has evolved, strategic networking with industry vendors has become increasingly important. For Josh, positivity is key. Maintaining a supportive team atmosphere is crucial, and BRAVO Live DJ operates on a set of core values that emphasize collaboration and camaraderie.

Setting and achieving long-term goals requires dedicated time for reflection. Josh stresses the importance of envisioning where you want to be in the distant future and then breaking that vision down into actionable steps. Leadership, too, has undergone evolution for Josh. Leading by example and embodying the right spirit are central tenets of his approach, shaped by his military background and adapted for the business world. Finally, Josh leaves us with a golden nugget of wisdom: “All things being equal, people want to do business with their friends.” Building strong professional relationships is paramount, and it’s the personal touch that sets BRAVO Live DJ apart in a people-centric industry. Their tagline, “peace of mind every time,” speaks volumes about their commitment to serving clients with excellence.

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