Rising from the Ashes: Sam Perry and The Resilience of Table Top Stronghold

In this episode I speak with Sam Perry, the owner of Table Top Stronghold, a cool business right here in the Kanawha Valley.

Sam’s business creates display cases for miniature in games like Warhammer and Dungeons and Dragons. These aren’t your typical cases, though. They use magnets and steel trays to hold the miniatures securely in place while also serving as transportation containers. It’s a genius solution for a common problem faced by hobbyists – how to display and transport delicate miniatures without risking damage.

During the podcast, Sam explained why his product stands out. He described Warhammer as a game that requires a large number of miniatures, making it an expensive and time-consuming hobby. Players buy kits, put the miniatures together, and spend hours painting them with intricate details. Sam’s display cases provide a perfect way to show off their hard work without any risk of damage.

However, things haven’t been easy for Sam recently. On Father’s Day, an electrical fire broke out in his workshop. The fire quickly escalated, leading to the loss of all his equipment and materials. It was a devastating blow for his business, and he didn’t have insurance to help recover from the loss.

Despite the setback, Sam’s positive attitude shone through during our conversation. He shared that he started his business with just $2,000 and a laser cutter, working hard to turn his passion into reality. His dedication paid off, as he managed to generate around $200,000 in revenue within a year!

One of the most interesting aspects of Sam’s business is his use of CO2 laser cutters to precisely craft the display cases from MDF (compressed wood dust board). This unique manufacturing process adds to the appeal of his product.

As we wrapped up the podcast, Sam mentioned his desire to expand his business globally, specifically targeting the UK, where Warhammer is incredibly popular. He’s looking for new workshop space, and if anyone knows of any available locations, he’s eager to hear from you.

Before we said our goodbyes, I made sure to share the link to Sam’s GoFundMe campaign with our audience. If you’re interested in supporting a local entrepreneur who’s faced adversity but is determined to bounce back, consider contributing to his campaign.

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