Hustling with Perspective

Perspective is a crucial factor in the sales and marketing process, yet it’s something many people struggle with. I’ve encountered countless clients and prospects who find it difficult to grasp the concept of owning perspective in sales and marketing.

Years ago, I worked with a guy who needed help kickstarting a campaign for a lunch and learn event. The catch was, he had no prospects, no email list, minimal social media presence – basically, nothing to work with.

To address this, I suggested reaching out to past clients, a modest list of around 200 contacts. We had a month until the event, so I thought it was a reasonable approach. I advised him to call everyone on the list to invite them to the lunch and learn since they were past clients and likely interested. Seemed simple enough, right?

Two weeks later, crickets. No sign-ups, no inquiries – nothing. So, I called him to check in on the progress. Surprisingly, he said he called the first three contacts, they all said no, and he assumed the list was no good. This is where perspective comes into play.

In sales and marketing, you must accept some hard facts. Not everyone will say yes, no matter how good your pitch or offer is. And that’s okay. Rejection is part of the game. You need to understand that for every yes you get, you might have to endure 99 no’s.

Having unrealistic expectations, like the “magic ad syndrome,” where everyone eagerly reaches for their wallets upon hearing your pitch, won’t get you anywhere. Instead, expect a conversion rate of around 3 to 5% – that’s the reality.

Sometimes people get fixated on a single person or strategy, but that’s not effective. You need to cast a wide net and track engagement to improve your results continually. Remember, if you get 100 no’s, it’s just an indication that you need to keep going, reaching out to more people, and adjusting your approach.

So, keep things in perspective. Rejection is just part of the journey. Focus on the numbers, stay persistent, and adjust your strategies when needed. That’s how you’ll find success in sales and marketing.

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