Jeb Corey’s Link: The Local Transportation Platform Redefining Ridesharing in West Virginia

In this episode I had a wonderful conversation with Jeb Corey, the CEO of Link. We talked about his hustle and his journey as an entrepreneur.

Jeb shared that Link is not a nationwide franchise as many might think, but a local company based in West Virginia, just like himself. He’s been in the business for quite some time and has learned a lot over the years. Jeb talked about the ribbon-cutting event they had recently, where they showcased their facility, which is equipped with over 120 solar panels producing more energy than they consume.

Link operates as a transportation platform, offering a mix of traditional taxi services and modern rideshare networks. The idea behind Link was to create a flexible and dynamic platform that caters to various transportation needs. Whether drivers want to use their own cars or lease vehicles from Link, they can participate in different services like non-emergency medical transportation, airport trips, food delivery, and more.

We discussed the gig economy and how Link fits perfectly into the lives of young, industrious people who juggle multiple gig jobs to earn some extra cash. Jeb emphasized the importance of being organized in the backend operations of any business. Having run various divisions under Link, he highlighted the need for different cloud-based systems to manage their operations efficiently.

I realized how vital it is for entrepreneurs to be adaptable and always willing to try new things. Jeb shared how they continuously strive to improve their offerings and stay ahead in the industry. He said that they had faced failures before achieving successes, and that’s the nature of being an entrepreneur.

I found it intriguing to see how Link has evolved over the years, expanding from their core business, C&H Taxi, to a diverse range of services under the Link umbrella. They aim to be a one-stop-shop for drivers who want to earn revenue from driving by providing them with multiple opportunities and support.

As our conversation wrapped up, Jeb shared the website linkwv.com, where anyone interested can find out more about Link and their services. It was a pleasure talking to Jeb, and I appreciate his insights into the life of an entrepreneur.

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