Meet Theresa Ortiz: The Ambitious Young Entrepreneur Behind Donut Connection

Today I talked to Theresa Ortiz, the president of Donut Connection in Kanawha City. We had a great conversation about her experience as a business owner and the unique aspects of the Donut Connection franchise. Theresa, a relatively new resident of West Virginia, shared her insights and journey with me.

Donut Connection is a cooperative franchise where each owner operates independently. The consistency of their delicious donuts comes from their shared supplier. Theresa explained that while the donuts remain the same across all locations, each owner has the freedom to tailor their menu to their customers’ preferences. It’s a brilliant concept that allows for personalization while maintaining a reliable product.

Theresa has been the proud owner of the Donut Connection in Kanawha City since September, but the franchise itself has been around since the 1960s. She has been working hard to maintain the business’s traditions while introducing some exciting new elements. Theresa and her team have been focused on enhancing the freshness and quality of their donuts, as well as experimenting with new recipes.

During our conversation, Theresa mentioned her plans to create a unique donut inspired by a Hispanic dessert. We discussed the importance of businesses evolving and expanding. Theresa emphasized the significance of listening to customers and catering to their needs. She acknowledged that while some businesses thrive on consistency, it’s essential to adapt and introduce new offerings to stay relevant.

As our conversation unfolded, Theresa opened up about the challenges she has faced as a young business owner. Personal discipline and time management were areas she identified as struggles, especially with a demanding schedule and being an introvert. However, she acknowledged that stepping out of her comfort zone was crucial for personal and professional growth.

Theresa’s story is truly inspiring. At just 20 years old, she managed to save enough money and gather the courage to become a business owner. Her determination and willingness to take on challenges have been remarkable. She admitted that it hasn’t always been easy, but she’s confident in her ability to handle whatever comes her way.

It was a pleasure speaking with Theresa and learning about her journey with the Donut Connection franchise. Her passion, dedication, and ambition are evident in the way she manages her business. If you’re in Kanawha City, I highly recommend stopping by her Donut Connection location to indulge in their delectable treats and experience the unique flavors Theresa is bringing to the table.

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