Stronger Communities and Productivity Tips with Joslyn Barnhart

Today I’m talking with Joslyn Barnhart on the Kanawha Valley Hustlers podcast. We’re at D.T. Prime in Charleston, discussing business productivity and development. Joslyn is the member of the month for Up Next Charlie West. I start by asking her about her work.

Joslyn shares that she is the Communities In Schools liaison for the First Lady, Cathy Justice. She handles communications and assists with the Communities In Schools initiative, a top preventative dropout program in the nation. This program provides immense help to communities and schools across the state, including placing therapy dogs in each county. These dogs belong to one school but serve the whole community.

She then talks about her role as a live events board member for Mountaineer Media. Mountaineer Media highlights stories about West Virginia, focusing on small businesses and local events. They have an annual golf tournament and a networking event in June. This year’s networking event will be at Adventures on the Gorge in Fayetteville, featuring panelists with C.J. and Cooper. Last year, around 200 people attended, and this year they expect an even larger turnout. After the panel discussion, there will be a private concert by Philip Bowen.

Mountaineer Media started as a podcast, but it has evolved into much more, thanks to the dedication of C.J. and Cooper. They have a deep love for West Virginia and work tirelessly to promote the state.

Switching gears, I ask Joslyn about productivity. I want to know her thoughts on the difference between being productive and being busy. She explains that busy work involves tasks that don’t necessarily move you forward, while productivity focuses on achieving a final product and making progress toward your goals.

Next, I ask her how people can make that first step toward long-term goals. She believes in taking things one day at a time to avoid feeling overwhelmed. Having a five-year plan is great, but breaking it down into daily steps is essential to avoid burnout. Small, consistent efforts lead to significant progress over time.

I also inquire about the best ways to get others on board to help with productivity. Joslyn emphasizes the importance of transparency. She values knowing people’s thoughts and feelings about a project and believes that open communication is key. Transparency and asking for help are vital in any collaborative effort.

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