Unleashing Innovation: A Conversation with Dr. Travis Kahle

This episode features a conversation with Dr. Travis Kahle, the director of the Innovation Center at UC. We discuss innovation, entrepreneurship, and the incredible work being done at the Innovation Center.

Established in 2017, the Innovation Center focuses on promoting innovation in the community, particularly throughout Appalachia. Their goal is to encourage different ways of thinking and provide tools for creativity, helping individuals turn their ideas into reality.

We talked about Innovation Scholar program, which involves students who carry out the center’s mission through workshops and programs. These scholars are the catalysts for innovation, taking it beyond the center’s walls and into the larger community. Dr. Travis Kahle explains the qualifications for becoming an Innovation Scholar, emphasizing the importance of creativity and a proactive attitude.

The conversation shifts to the newly launched Downtown Innovation Hub, a separate initiative aimed at accelerating businesses. Dr. Kahle explains that this hub helps businesses transition from startups to the next level, providing coaching and guidance to achieve growth.

We chat about various aspects of the Innovation Center’s impact, including its programs, like rapid prototyping using 3D printing, and its focus on both breakthrough and incremental innovation. Dr. Kahle shares that the most impactful aspect is the Innovation Scholar program, as it involves students actively spreading innovation throughout the community.

The episode sheds light on the incredible work happening at the Innovation Center, from nurturing creativity to supporting businesses. It’s about inspiring a different way of thinking and fostering a culture of innovation. I encourage listeners to explore the Innovation Center’s offerings and learn more about what UC is offering the community.

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