Gratitude is the Antidote to Anxiety

With Thanksgiving coming up, I’m reminded that gratitude is the antidote to anxiety. Anxiety creeps in around all kinds of things like stress from deadlines, bills, my health or a family’s health. Even that existential dread like getting older or feeling inadequate can really bring me down.

But when I take time to list all the ways my life is amazing, that anxiety melts away. I was born into a wonderful family with loving parents, grandparents and an extended family that always supports me. And even if I didn’t have that, I have both of my arms and legs, all of my fingers and toes. I can see and hear. I live in America in 2021, a time and a place where I don’t need to struggle just to eat. I don’t have to go outside in the cold when I need to use the bathroom. I have my own house and transportation. I can be as cool or as warm as I want with just the press of a button and I have unlimited entertainment. And as unbelievable as it would sound to anyone born a hundred years ago, I have so much extra money that I have to pay people to take care of it for me.

At least once a day, usually in the evening, I list three things I’m grateful for. Even on tough days, finding three things is pretty easy. And when making that list is so easy, how can work and bills bring me down?

I hope you found something I said helpful and that you can find a little time to count your blessing.

Have a happy Thanksgiving!

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