LightWave 3D And LightNet

In the early 2000s I worked regularly with a 3D animation software called LightWave 3D. At the time there was a render farm software called LightNet that we used to render scenes across a network. The author of LightNet had abandoned it but was kind enough to give me the source code. So I updated it to make it work with newer versions of LightWave and maintained it for several years.

In time I wrote an entirely new software called Lightnet: Cloud, which allows for rendering across the Internet.

Unfortunately, I haven’t worked regularly with LightWave for years now, so I haven’t kept up with LightNet. It do still use it and have been tinkering with a new software called LightCrowd that I hope to release soon, but I don’t see LightNet or LightNet: Cloud receiving any updates anytime soon.

So when I updated this site, I didn’t want to migrate all the LightWave 3D and LightNet stuff over, I migrated it all to old.joejustice.org.

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