Quality, Purpose, and Play: Inside Liberty Roe with Jess Backus

I’m sitting on the comfy couch of Liberty Roe Children’s Clothier and Toy Co., a haven nestled in the shops of Bridge Road. My guest today, Jess Bacchus, embodies a spirit dedicated to families, offering them quality clothing and timeless toys while contributing to a greater cause.

Learn more about Liberty Roe here: https://shoplibertyroe.com/

With eight children of her own, Jess understands the wear and tear kids can inflict on their clothes. Her quest for quality led her to curate a collection of brands known for their durability. In her store, you won’t find disposable items. Every piece is chosen meticulously, meant to be cherished and passed down through generations.

Our conversation delves into the essence of her hustle, rooted in a deep commitment to making the world a better place. Jess meticulously sources products from companies with purpose, like Bella Tunno, whose sales feed hungry children in the US, and Carrying Kind, whose profits combat human trafficking. Each item in her store tells a story, not just of its craftsmanship but of the impact it makes.

As Jess talk to be about the store, I’m struck by the thoughtful selection of items, each chosen for its enduring quality and meaningful impact. From Lionel Trains that transport both children and adults into a world of imagination, to Posh Peanut’s irresistibly soft clothing that spans from tiny infants to growing adolescents, every corner tells a tale of careful curation and love for families.

In the midst of our conversation, Jess shares the challenges she faces as a new entrepreneur. She candidly speaks of the delicate balance between her passion for products and the market demand. Occasionally, I hear her chuckle as she recalls finding unexpected treasures, remnants of little customers’ adventures, reminding us of the joy and unpredictability of running a family-friendly space.

As our conversation draws to a close, I can’t help but admire Jess’s dedication. She’s not just a shop owner; she’s a curator of memories, a provider of quality, and a champion for families. The cozy atmosphere around us mirrors the warmth and care she pours into her business. I leave inspired, carrying with me the story of a woman who turned her dream into a haven for families, one lasting toy and garment at a time.

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