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Author: Joe Justice

This is my website, where I post things.

The Impact of Technology on Family Life

Despite what you may hear, technology has a positive impact on families. It can bring

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Why Stress is Bad For Your Health

Whether you're experiencing one-time or chronic stress, it can have a negative impact on your

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Spending Time With Your Kids is Good For Mental Health and Improves Your Family Life

Spending time with your children can boost your mental health and improve your family life.

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Get more done in less time. Free to Focus, a Dad Bod book review

The most common objection I get when I talk to people about daily exercise is

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Joe Justice Before And After

Health, Fitness and Taking Control of My Life

It was never really about health, fitness, or even losing weight. It all started out

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2022 Charleston Sternwheel Regatta

Having grown up around Charleston, the Charleston Sternwheel Regatta was a big part of my

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